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The Farmhouse

A Unique And Breathtaking Destination Retreat

Welcome to the Farmhouse! This unique home and property in the low mountains above the famous Santa Ynez Valley is in one of the most magical locations on the West Coast, and is now available for a “destination retreat” rental for you, your family and friends. Whether for an extended family stay, a very special gathering, a photo shoot or filming, or many other potential retreat rental uses, the Farmhouse’s authentic rustic Appalachian residence, period furnishings and mind-blowing setting, are guaranteed to leave special memories for a lifetime.

You must experience the Farmhouse in person to believe how fun, relaxing and beautiful it will be for your rental experience; inquire about a site visit, or start by taking a look at the photos and details here!

Due to new local regulations on rentals, the Farmhouse is now limited in the leasing of this special place to just a few time blocks per year. Please click for more details about the new “destination retreat” rental trend, and how you and your family/friends can enjoy the wonderful Farmhouse in the coming years.

What is a “Destination Retreat” Rental?

“Not sure what we enjoyed more, the peace and quiet, the sunset in the sun room, the ostrich dance or our hike. No need for favorites, it all makes for great memories…”

— The Magers

Private Gatherings

While the Farmhouse has always been a residential rental, just as the property owners have enjoyed for themselves gathering with friends and family for private celebrations, many of the Farmhouse tenants have also chosen this magical place for their own private gatherings. We are so happy for our many guests who have combined a stay at the Farmhouse with a day celebrating their most intimate life events with family and friends. There have been over 200 family reunions, landmark birthdays, anniversary celebrations and boutique rustic weddings at the Farmhouse over the last 15 years, organized in a variety of ways to incorporate the beauty and uniqueness of the house and setting. Click here to see photos, video and descriptions of how our tenants have enjoyed the Farmhouse over the years!

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Pricing for an exclusive-use Farmhouse rental block is based on time of year. Inquire about how a rental at the Farmhouse can make more sense financially in comparison to the equivalent cost elsewhere of: A) lodging for up to 12 people (for as many as 31 nights if desired) + B) typical venue rental cost + C) cost of additional smaller gathering venue rentals (included at the Farmhouse) + D) taxes (not applicable for the Farmhouse anymore) + E) cleaning (now included). And since only a few rentals every year will now be allowed at this world-famous unique and beautiful location, the new Farmhouse exclusivity is priceless!

Please call or e-mail through the “Book It Now” button below to describe your preferred time of year and any other details of your rental stay, and we’ll provide you a price comparison quote.

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